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This is the month…

...You tried out big boy under-roos. Which simultaneously broke mama's heart and gave me the biggest grin.

...Your love for the potty was going strong until you got sick and now you've totally lost interest. That OK, pal. You've got time.

...You got so ill you just laid in my arms as your chest heaved and rattled. You were much braver in the hospital than I was.

...You learned about the curious properties of helium filled balloons.

...and made best friends with it.

...Your favorite bath-time activity turned your hair from this-

to Seuss-worthy Who hair.

...WE DITCHED THE HIGH CHAIR. THIS IS VERY ALL-CAPSY AWESOME FOR MAMA! not at all all-capsy awesome for the carpet around this chair. And your auntie had to go and get knocked-up so unfortunately my dream of running the high-chair over with a tank or beating it broken with a baseball bat will have to wait.

...Your need for a haircut could be denied no longer.

...It was cut, with strict instructions to leave it as long as possible without creating some sort of mullet/hockey hair monstrosity.

...We remembered what pretty eyes you have.

...Painting cups, chairs and your face became more interesting than anything you could produce on paper.

...Your love of reading has blossomed into a full-fledged obsession with books. We love it. And we love you.


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