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I don’t have a lot of pictures of my mom and I think that’s because when the memories were being made, she was ever-present but most likely off getting a paper towel to tend to a spill, or cooking something in the oven and on 3 or 4 burners or off finding that one shoe of mine that went missing every Sunday five minutes before we had to leave for church.

Yesterday at her 65th birthday party I asked her if she even remembered how to sit down. She stuck her tongue out and may have tried to knee me. She’s always finding something to do, necessary or unnecessary as it may be. That’s what happens when you raise five kids. I think after going going going for so many years, the motions are engrained in her muscles, in her bones.

I chose this picture because…well, here we all are. You see those dresses us girls are wearing? She picked out, washed, ironed and put them on us. You see my dad’s suit? It was pressed and readied by her hands. My brother’s shirt and pants most assuredly were picked out for him and under her instructions were kept clean until at least after the pictures. We all have our shoes on the right feet and our hair is combed because of her.

She held us all together and if you’ve ever met us, you’d know that is not such a small task. But not just that. We all feel loved, by her hands and all the work they did for us, yes, but more importantly by her heart.

Happy Birthday, Mom.


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