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Rowan and A Half

Today Rowan is 4 and a half! Yay for her and yay for us for keeping her alive and in relative good health! At this age she…

…no longer needs my help getting dressed, but often asks for it anyway. Also thinks that plaid and stripes are the IT look this season. Don’t try to tell her otherwise. She will not believe you.

…takes not one dang thing at face value; she has a follow-up question for every follow-up question.

…is fascinated by the human body and wants to know everything about organs, muscles, bones- you name it. Let’s just say google images has been working overtime here, and where I get grossed out, she just wants more More MORE!

…Has been officially classified as “spirited”, by Dr. Me.

…is getting less and less obsessive about her lines. Thank. God.

…is also getting less obsessive about princesses, which makes me oh so very happy.

One Half

…is a skilled negotiator, making you lose sight of the fact that you are 20 minutes into a deep, passionate argument with a four year old about when the appropriate time to watch a movie is.

…is getting taller. She is still tiny, at just over 30 pounds, but she’s finally stretching out and fitting into some 4t clothing. Woot!

…has trouble with handwriting, just like her mama did. She just recently figured out “W” which is good because she’s been signing her name as “Roman” since she was 3.

…has an insatiable appetite for books of any and every kind.

…rarely takes naps but when one is deemed necessary she fights them tooth and nail. TOOTH AND NAIL.

…knows how to fake sleep. And well.

One and a Half

…loves the snow and playing outside. No snow mountain is too tall for her to conquer.

…hates it when people call her small or pokey and makes sure her personality makes up for any confusion over her size.

…shares the spoils she gets at preschool parties with her brother. Willingly. Even the chocolate.

…is NOT a morning person. She needs to be eased ever so gently into the day.

…would stay in pajamas all day, every day if I let her.

…loves to sing loudly. Thank goodness she can stay on key.

Two and a Half

…can hold her breath and dunk her whole head under the water.

…still looks like a little frog when she gets out of the tub, with a little round belly and skinny, flailing legs and arms.

…hates being cold when she comes out of the bath.

…thinks picking up her toys is the worst punishment anyone could ever hand down in the history of punishment.

…is a wee bit dramatic, wherein “wee bit” means “really freakin'”.

…gets terribly dry skin in the winter.

…loves butter noodles and butter bread and well…I guess anything slathered in butter. Once when she was 1, we were grocery shopping and I gave her the butter to put in the cart and when I looked down a few minutes later she had chewed through the cardboard and eaten a quarter stick of the butter. That a girl.

Three and a Half

…doesn’t like to sit on my lap anymore, but prefers to sit beside me. Boo. BOO, I SAY.

…still loves woobie just as fervently as she ever has.

…has a new found love of broccoli. Whose kid is this? Oh yeah… she loves to dip it in Ranch dressing. Nevermind. Clearly she’s her father’s daughter. Cleared that one up.

…Has a ridiculous memory. She will accurately describe events, out of the blue, that happened when she was barely 2. It’s cool but sort of unnerving- Like she will remember every mistake I have made while parenting her. Oh God. That would suck.

…”reads” stories to Monkey when they curl up on the bed together for rest time. I want that life.

Four and a Half

…can count to 100 with a little help, to 49 without help.

…has a really high-pitched scream that can only be out-done by her brother who I’m pretty sure has lungs made of that shit wolverine’s claws are made out of.

…made her first phone call. When her cousin picked up the phone and said “hello?” Rowan yelled, “WHO IS THIS?” instead of “Hello, is Ellie there?” like we practiced. I guess she got excited.

…loves pretend play, assigning herself, her brother and I characters and yelling at us if we accidentally call her by the wrong name. “I am NOT Bells Kitty I am Bows Kitty! GEESH GET IT RIGHT, Chandelier Kitty.”

…smiles with her whole face.


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