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I know I told you I’d stay away from you until I was better,  Internet but what can I say? I LIED. AM A LIAR. GET OVER IT.

Spring faced boy.

On Easter Keaton turned 28 months. Now if you’ve been keeping up with Keaton over the last couple of months, say here and here, you know he’s been kind of a grade-A butthole and I say that with heaps and piles of motherly love. Nevertheless: TOTAL JERK. So you can imagine the force of our humongous sigh of relief when he returned to his lovely, hilarious self a week or two into last month. And just in time as we were about to sell him to a gypsy caravan that was running low on diabolical two-year olds.

Who you calling diaboical, Lady?

Halfway through last month was a milestone because Keaton made it to the age that Rowan was when he was born, Twenty-Seven and a half months. Now let me just say that in this case the universe got it right. Sure Rowan, with her sweet, smiley demeanor, tricked me into thinking that this was the way ALL babies are, causing the purple sun in my world to implode when we were graced with Screamy Face’s presence in our lives. But! She was also a fiercely independent toddler, making my life a ton easier because I could focus on that screamy bundle instead of constantly waffling between the two. I could stick a pile of books next to Rowan and no lie, at two years old, she would sit contentedly for one to two hours. She would also spend hours making lines of her little figurines and be happy to do it.

If I had a newborn right now with Keaton I think my head would spin off. He *BIG AIR QUOTES* “NEEDS” something every 1-3 minutes. He wants me to “pick you up!” “come sit wid me!” or “Schnuggle me!” constantly throughout the day, and though his independent play is much better than it was 6 months ago, it’s still no where near where Rowan’s was at, at 1. Funny thing is,  I love it, mostly. Sure by 4pm I kinda feel like I have to peel him off my leg and it would be nice if I could go to the bathroom with the door closed once in a while but he’s so lovey. It’s like having my own mascot and when I sit down next to him and he spontaneously says “I jus lub you, Mama”, my heart grows 3 sizes bigger.

So other than my thankfulness that he was our second child, we spent a lot of time laughing this month. Rowan’s been really into joke-telling the last month or so and Keaton Sir is trying to catch on but so far hasn’t been able to get passed the whole “Why did the chicken cross the road?” conundrum. He will tell that joke over and over and when he laughs at it he uses the hammiest tone, like “look at me and my funny self, did you just hear me tell that chicken joke? I’m hilarious.”

Potty training is same old, same old, with the pee-pee still holding strong and the poop still firmly residing in his underpants. At least we seem to have gotten through to him about the whole not touching it thing *everyone knock squarely on wood RIGHT NOW* which is all I can really ask for at his point. I’m proud of the little bugger for what he has accomplished so far, staying dry on outings and asking to use the bathroom in and away from home. The rest will come in time, and do you see how zen I am being about this, Universe? You should totally reward me for my superior outlook on poopy underpants. By maybe helping my son to poop in the damn potty. *OM* Just a thought *OM*.

Keaton loves loves loves to sing, but slaughters the lyrics, which brings Bill and I to tears. Instead of “Davy, Davy Crocket” Keaton’s version is “Baby, Baby Crocodile”. And the Kookaburra is the not “Merry Merry king of the Bush” but of the “Mush” and oh just give the boy a song and he will murder the words with cuteness.

A huge stride I’ve noticed from last fall is the separation aspect of our toddler class. He doesn’t even bat an eye now, just asks where I’m going and for a hug and kiss. The best part of my week is walking back into that classroom after our 25 minute break from one another. His face erupts with a giant smile and he comes running for me and that is just the best feeling. Like I’ve been gone a hundred years instead of a half an hour. Whenever I walked into a room to see Rowan at that age she would run and hide from me, not wanting mean ol’ mom to make the fun end. After 3 or so years of being greeted with screams I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of having this boy run at me and hug me with his whole body.

Also new this month? You went from this...

To this. The big boy swing is sort of breaking my heart. Also turning me into a hovering bag of nerves because OhMyGod you might fall 12 inches to the ground!

Keaton, you can climb into your car seat, sit up to the table, set the napkins out for dinner, carry your bowl to the table, walk to the park, All By Yourself and DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO HELP ME OR I WILL TELL YOU WHAT’S WHAT. It’s starting to go fast now. I swear Keaton you have grown three inches in the last month and your developmental changes are getting harder to notice, blending together causing us to ask each other, confused “Has he always done that?”  You are so much more of a boy and so very little of a baby. I feel like the hard outline has been completed and now you are just shading in the details of who you are and where you fit in this world. And we love your shades. All of them.


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