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Yesterday we had Easter with Bill’s parents and brother, known this year as Second Easter, because we are sort of like hobbits when it comes to holidays around here. I stayed true to my vow to drink away my ankle pain and spent the day being served first a bloody mary, then wine, then some more wine, then a couple of gin and tonics and then maybe a beer or two, it all gets a little fuzzy after that*.

It was a beautiful day spent basking in the sun and letting the kids run us around the yard. Of course I will show you some pictures! So glad you asked…

The candy bandit strikes again.


Rowan's egg hunting skills are truly impressive.

As are Keaton's jelly bean eating skills. I bet they are unmatched the world over.

Rowan traded jelly beans for nickels, dimes and quarters. Smart kid.

Rowan and Uncle Brian, taking a break on the swing. Brian's just like Bill only bearded and without all the rugrats.

Bunny, Sir.

It was pretty much the perfect day. Happy Second Easter!

*The alcoholic stuper has been real nice and all but the swelling seems to be climbing up my leg so I’m waving the white flag and letting Bill make a doctor’s appointment for me tomorrow. (You didn’t think I would actually call myself, did you?)


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