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My ankle?

Much better, thanks for asking!

The pain is completely gone now when I walk or go up stairs. In fact, beside from being a little achy first thing in the morning, I don’t even think about it unless I touch it (still tender) or look too closely at it (still a little swollen). So me being me, I really debated whether or not to go to the physical therapy appointment my doctor ordered for me to get my running gait evaluated. My ankle doesn’t hurt NOW, does it? Who cares if it would help prevent future injuries! I’ll just rub a little dirt on it and move on with my life. I DON’T WANNA GO.

Bill totally made me go.

And I’m really glad I did because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to type the following sentence.

Diagnosis: LAZY ASS CHEEK.

And I am not even kidding you. The PT guy checked my ankle out and had me stand on one foot. When my balance proved to be more than a little sub-par he watched me walk down the hall a couple of times and then tested a few simple exercises out on me, asking me to let him know where I felt “the burn”. All the exercises should have utilized my glutes, in other words, I should have felt the pain in my butt. I did not. I felt it in my thighs, knees and calves.

He gave me a few more exercises aimed even more specifically at my glutes and he was able to “wake-up” my right butt cheek a little, but my left (the side of the hurt ankle) was all, LEAVE ME ALONE, SIR. I WAKE UP FOR NO ONE. The PT was thoroughly impressed with the stubbornness of my left butt cheek and I was all CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY ANKLE NOW AND LEAVE MY LAZY ASS OUT OF THIS?

No, of course we couldn’t he explained, because the most important asset a runner has is not in fact her legs, but her hips, including The Bootie. It is where most of the work in running should be done and because mine have apparently been out on a series of drinking lunches and afternoon siestas for a number of years, my thighs, knees and ankles have been picking up their slack. And my ankle got fed up and was all, I am sick of these working conditions, having to carry that good for nothing lazy ass along for the ride every time we go for a run, so it JUST QUIT WORKING.

Stupid uppity ankle. Now I have to get my butt cheek to wake up through a series of really annoying exercises that I look like a complete asshat doing. I started running because doing all the exercises to strengthen my core on Wii fit or the 30 day shred were not fun, and by not fun I mean OUCH. I didn’t really want to go there again. I just wanted to hit the trails and RUN. Running is so cool, man and I thought this was a way around all those terrible! evil! bicycling sit up do-jobs. Guess not, thanks for keeping me honest UNIVERSE, you big fat SOMETHING OR OTHER.


I’m going to suck it up and do the stupid exercises. Despite my bitching I really do want to be a healthier me. The good news is that both the sports doc and the physical therapist checked out my new running shoes and declared them perfect for my feet and the PT cleared me for as much walking as my ankle can stand so we were finally able to go out on the first trail walks of the year, which has been just…well…



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