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We started things out on the 3rd, at the beach.

Where we laughed and played...

and got sand up our butts.

I think the kids had a pretty awesome time, and I KNOW we did.

On the 4th we went to my mom's for a BBQ, where Keaton discovered the joys of pulling a wagon. Well he enjoyed it until he picked up a hitchhiker anyway...

OF COURSE, it was the DCFI. Who else would be willing to accept a ride from a shady 2 year old?

Needless to say, Keaton said, screw this, and the Deps was left to his own devices.

Then there's these 4 whippersnappers, who spent the night before at Jen and the Deps' and were up until the wee hours of the morning.

The older three are old pros at this sleepover business and had no problem making it through the fireworks...

And the newbie managed to make it through the boom booms but was down for the count by the time we made it to grammy's to pick up Keaton*.

*Who tried to talk us into taking him but after this fiasco and the fact that he freaked out when the girls were throwing Snaps in the driveway, we opted to leave him with my mom. Unfortunately my mom’s neighbors lit off their own boom booms, leaving poor Keaton a nervous ball of toddler by the time we picked him up. Maybe we’ll take him along next year, but I’m thinking closer to 15 might be more accurate.


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