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I really have no idea how the hell I woke up this morning with a four month old. I can still picture myself the morning Ezra was born, completely defeated by pregnancy, sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of our room staring dejectedly out the window. I was eight days overdue and trying to hold back tears because I hadn’t gone into labor the night before~ All that was missing from this picture was some emo-rock in the background and rain droplets slowly sliding down the window pane, it was {I was} utterly pathetic.

And now? Here we are. Big Fat Baby is four months old and that scene from last fall could not seem further away. This baby has brought so many giggles, so much love and happiness with him that I’ve all but forgotten what an unholy shitstorm it was to get him into this world.


Ezra definitely went through a growth spurt this month, here are his stats…

Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz {39% vs 13% at 2 mo}

Height: 25 inches {42% vs 11% at 2 mo}

Head: 16.5 {56% vs 36% at 2 mo}

The biggest hurdle we went through this month was figuring out the terrible rash that overtook Ezra’s whole head. As I’ve mentioned, just before 2 months he developed a pretty terrible case of cradle cap that did not go away with the recommended regimen of oils, creams and other assorted goo we slathered on his head. Then it spread to his ears and cheeks and started…oozing. It was terrible. The pediatrician assured us cradle cap can spread to ears and cheeks and to just keep doing what we were doing and it would eventually clear up. Only it didn’t clear up, it got way worse. The poor thing looked awful and he would scratch himself bloody if I wasn’t vigilant enough with his nails. After researching I realized that this was full blown eczema, which I had no experience with, with the older two. I bought an arsenal of eczema lotions in the hopes that I could eek through until Ezra’s four month appointment but when a gem of a human looked at him and announced loudly in front of a room full of people “Ugh, what’s wrong with your baby’s head?!” in a lovely judgmental tone, I felt terrible enough to ignore the peds advice, make an appointment and beg for help.

She looked at Ezra’s face for all of 2 seconds and said: “Dairy allergy.”


“Dairy. He’s allergic. No more dairy for him. Is he on formula?”

“No, he’s only ever had breastmilk.”

“Then no dairy for you.”


So if you were on the fence about the whole Supreme Almighty Being thing, now you know! Because no loving and true god would take butter or aged cheddar or greek yogurt away from me but IT HAPPENED and now THEY’RE JUST GONE from my life. Upon diagnosis I wondered if I would find the will to get out of bed in the morning but that night I got an awful case of the stomach flu so it turns out I didn’t have to. Now I don’t normally recommend the stomach flu but I will say that it definitely made the cold turkey transition to no dairy much easier because all I could choke down for 4 days was pretzels and water.

Ezra also was prescribed an antibiotic because the rash had become infected due to his little scratchy fingers and between that and no dairy his cheeks completely healed. They went from angry, leathery red welts to clear and baby soft in three short days. The cradle cap, that persistent motherfucker, is still there but manageable. I felt awful it took so long to figure out the issue but at least there was a quick fix, even if it means I have to give up a staple of my diet, which seriously, 89% of the shit we eat has cream, butter or cheese in it so it’s been tricky but worth it. The doc said I could try to reintroduce dairy slowly at 6 months and see how he reacts and if it’s bad to try again at 9 months. Most babies grow out of it, so worst case scenario I have to deal with it until I’m done nursing which will presumably be sometime around his first birthday.


Other baby things!

He’s still sleeping through the night because good baby is good. He eats 5 times during the day, feedings are roughly 3-4 hours apart. He went from pooping a small amount at nearly every diaper change to having one majorly disgusting blowout every 3-4 days. My pediatrician assured me this was normal for breastfed babies but Internet there is nothing normal about being pooped on so spectacularly that you contemplate just curling yourself up in the garbage can because of the EW and SO MUCH GROSS and someone just throw me out and buy a new Christy because this one in RUINED.

We rotated in our old pocket cloth diapers this month. I still like and use our prefolds but the Bum Genius pocket diapers are way easier and faster when we have a squirmy, hungry baby on our hands or when we’re out and about so they’re nice to have. Plus, they’re easier to stuff with doublers and extra prefolds for overnight protection- waking up to a leaky baby is no fun so this has been a lifesaver. We probably won’t size up our prefolds, or maybe only buy a dozen or so when he outgrows what we have.


Developmentally Ezra’s on target with all the milestones, he:

Rolls from tummy to back pretty reliably

Swipes and grabs at toys {and my hair, OUCH, baby-grabby-hands}

Talks, talks, talks. To us, his playmat or whatever sibling or animal is curled up near him in a constant string of shrieks and babbles.

Tracks us with his eyes from across the room

Hears everything around him.


Not surprisingly, the last few months people have asked a lot about how Rowan is as a big sister, quickly followed by “I bet she is a little second mother!” Which, HA! Rowan is no mother. She’s a fabulous big sister, wanting to teach her brothers things and help them and play with them but this child is NOT a nurturer. This wasn’t a big surprise since she was never into baby dolls, instead she loved small figurines she could line up and boss around. She has absolutely no interest in assisting with Ezra’s bath or diaper changes, but she likes to be my helper by turning his playmat music on, picking him up and bringing him to me and pushing the stroller. And when the time comes when this baby can take direction? She will be there to boss him around with bells on.


Keaton on the other hand is definitely my nurturer, my second mother. When Ezra cries he gets there before me, armed with a nuk, a hug and a “Aw, what’s wrong little Ezzie-Baby, Keaton’s here, you’re okay”. Often I’ll find him under the playmat snuggling Ezra or waving a toy or singing a song. He hugs and kisses him 90 times during the day and loves helping with diaper changes. He is the sweetest, most affectionate big brother, which melts my heart into a puddle at least twice a day. I was prepared for a little animosity and a lot more indifference on Keaton’s part when the baby came but that has been the opposite of how he’s been. I’m so excited to see how the relationship between the boys will grow over the years.


Ezra, four months has gone by in a blink. The love you’ve added to our family is already so irreplaceable. Don’t get me wrong, baby’s are a huge amount of work. My time is never my time and just when I think I can brush my teeth/go to the bathroom/wash dishes etc. you pull me in a completely different direction that’s most likely filled with poop, drool, spit-up and an inevitable outfit change for both of us… but really, you are a total dream. You are that mythical unicorn baby I did not think existed. I sort of feel guilty when I talk about you because you really our the most perfect little man-baby. Aside from the fact that you really are a fairly easy going little guy, it’s also because you’re number three. I don’t worry about what’s coming next or if you’re hitting milestones early or what that baby over there can do comparatively. I can truly enjoy the moment, free of worry, and just get lost kissing your smooshy baby cheeks, which is just about the most important thing I do everyday. I love you, Big Fat Baby.



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