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The last month was insane. No really, INSANE. Between dance recitals and summer dance camp and end of the school year celebrations and a baptism and t-ball and gymnastics and swimming and kjsdfkjahsuhfjansef etcetcetcetc. Through it all, we had the biggest little trooper a family could ask for. Whether it was bouncing between grandmas or being dragged to baseball fields or once again sitting at dance every day for two weeks straight, Ezra was happy to go with the flow.


Ezra at 8 months!:

* Clapping. And this is where I could close out this post because it’s all I really care about, FOR ALL THE CUTE. I have to confess I have not cracked a baby book detailing milestones, and am lucky if I read one out of every 5  “Your baby this week” e-mails. Rowan’s mom? Rowan’s mom would be APPALLED. She would be outraged. She would be 90% certain I could not truly love this child. Rowan and Keaton’s mom would be less appalled but, let’s face it, still pretty judgey. Rowan and Keaton and Ezra’s mom though is too busy drinking gin and tonics and snacking on delicious baby toes to really give too much of a shit about what milestone an 8 month old is hitting. Obviously if there were something off this would be a different story, but after three I’m experienced enough to listen to my gut if I were to feel Ezra was having any sort of issue; as it goes though, he is absolutely perfect so I have zero interest in seeing if he’s hit some mark or another a little early or a little late. Anyway, my point is that I had no idea this milestone was coming up so when he started clapping it took me by such delighted surprise and now I spend most of my day grinning at him like an idiot and yelling YAY! so he’ll bust out his newfound skill.


* Saying dadadada, hiiiiiiiii, Yaaaaaaay, yayayaya, kikikiki, babababa, gagagaga and pretty much every other consonant combination besides mamamama. This is the third ungrateful baby to do this to me. I will face him to me and slowly exaggerate MA~MA~MA~ MA and he will lock eyes with me after studying my mouth intently, smile at me with his whole face and exclaim, “DA!DA!DA!DA!” Jerk.


* He is that unpleasant stage of desperately wanting to crawl and not being able to coordinate his hands and feet well enough to propel himself forward while staying up. He does sort of an army crawl, although he mostly gets up into a plank position so he looks like he’s about to do some serious push-ups or burpees and then he rocks back and propels himself forward with his feet instead of pulling himself forward with his arms. This would be semi-effective if he landed on his arms but he mostly lands on his face which does not make him the happiest little fellow. He is sososo close though so I know the coming months are going to be all about steeling the house and ourselves against a mobile baby.

* The last week or so of seven months Ezra finally got more steady and is now sitting up like a boss.


* Good month for sleep. He sleeps from around 8pm to 6am fairly reliably. I get up just before 6 to run {uuuuugh, I know, am stupid} so he hangs with daddy while he gets ready and then I come back and take over for the day around 6:45am. He naps from 9:30-11:30ish and then from 3-4:30ish which is awesome except we are completely boxed in by naps. The kids have been surprisingly okay with having to stay home for large chunks of the day but I imagine that will change as the summer wears on. It just sucks that the time of day we can get out is from 12-2pm which is right during lunch and also suuuuper warm so the playground scene is not really happening for us. I knew this would be our reality and it honestly hasn’t been that big of an issue so far so hopefully we can eak through the rest of the summer.

* Finally got around to getting Ezra Jesused. Of course I baptized the other two within eight weeks of birth, what can I say besides the fact that he’s number three? {Nothing. That’s all I can say.} It was a rainy but beautiful day for our little pal who did great during the service and fell right to sleep for his entire party. It’s okay though, we ate his dessert for him.


* The baby food making sort of stalled out this month. We were running around like crazy people and after a number of failed attempts to get him to eat any veggies I had Bill pick up a few jars of organic mixes and he GOBBLED them all. I still do the basic stuff like bananas, pears and potatoes but I’m gonna go ahead and be a bad hippie and take the easy road on this one I think.


Our boy. He loves playing peek-a-boo and patty-cake and gives us the biggest giggles when we tickle him on his neck or on his sides. He rolls around with his toys independently or hangs out in his exersaucer for long periods and then lights up when I come over to him, like “Oh! There you are, Lady! I missed you!” And he flaps his little arms wildly as I reach down and when I pull him close he buries his face in my neck and that moment is just, well, pretty much perfect. Until he takes two fistfuls of my hair and start swinging them around wildly, anyway. Happy 8 months, mini-budder!



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