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This monthly blah-blah is brought to you by Sleep Deprivation and WAAAAHHHH Pick Me Up/No Put Me Down so it will most likely lack any sort of cohesiveness and be short and sweet. Or not. {It is ME, after all.}


The first two and a half weeks of this month were spectacular for our mini-budders. Five months is one of my very favorite ages as it’s the perfect combination of smooshy adorableness and active {but not too active} baby exploits. And since my baby is already the cutest baby, like, EVER {truth} it was an especially fun time. I actually had to force myself to put him down or let him play independently so I could do things like sleep, feed my other children, etc. Then he started to get a little cranky two weeks ago aaaaaaaand BAM. Icky cold. Sleep and contentedness went out the window and were replaced by waking up 5-7 times a night and general whininess at being alive. I took him in for his 6 month check-up on Friday, thinking the doctor would check his ears, see an infection and we’d get something to help ease his discomfort but his ears were clear~ it’s just a gunky cold, so instead he was the proud recipient of three vaccinations which has NOT helped his mood any letmejusttellyou. His cold/cough seem much better this week, but after an absolutely AWFUL night last night I think some form of sleep training is in our near future.

So to hit all the major baby data points…

Sleep: SUUUUUUUCCCKKKS. {I think I covered this one already but just in case you weren’t super clear…} Naps are still going okay with 1.5-2 hours in the morning and 1-1.5 hours in the afternoon but it’s getting increasingly hard to get him down. Before I was swaddling him and gently rocking him for 5 or so minutes and sometimes he would be asleep and sometimes he wouldn’t but he’d snuggle in and nap either way. Now it’s taking 10-15 minutes of vigorous rocking and if he’s not all the way asleep when I lay him down he pops his eyes open and that’s it, there is almost no chance of him falling asleep on his own. He is too tall and strong for our swaddling blankets so we have had to phase them out in the last couple of weeks which also hasn’t helped sleeping matters because OMFG LOOK I HAVE HANDS!!!!! We are hoping some form of sleep training will help but until the last dance competition is over this weekend I just don’t have it in me to jump into that.


Eating: With both Rowan and Keaton the doctor encouraged us to start solids at 4 months. This time I listened to the hippies and didn’t start until 5.5 months and let me tell you, these hippies are onto something. Do you know how much easier it is to feed a nearly six month old than a 4 month old? A huge difference. WORLDS. The frustration of wasting food and the breast milk you mix it with as your child lets it just fall out of their mouth instead of swallowing was completely skipped this time. Ezra could sit up in his new highchair and within a feeding or two figured out how to take spoonfuls and swallow with much less of a mess. So far avocados are the only thing he’s completely rejected {Bill would be 90% sure Ezra could not possibly be his son due to this if not for the fact that everyone we meet says WHOA HOLYSHIT do YOU look like dad}. His favorites are bananas and apples. I gave him carrots for the first time yesterday which he liked but then woke up with a rash on his cheeks this morning so I don’t know if that’s related or not… we’ll see as Smooshy Stuff Taste Test Month continues.


Moving: This boy is a rolling machine. Historically my babies have been on the late side of normal for gross motor so I thought I had another 2 months before I had to worry about baby proofing but Ezra has proved much more active. We’ve already taken down his floor gym as he just rolls off of it or gets tangled. If I lay him on a blanket then get distracted by another of my lovely offspring for a minute, when I look back he’s under the coffee table or made his way to the patio door for a better view. He’s able to sit up assisted and has started to hold himself up on his hands for a few seconds before face-planting. He loves standing in his exersaucer and watching his big brother and sister.



Weight: 17lb 3oz, 44%

height: 27 inches, 65%

head: 17inches, 46%

Ezra had another big growth-spurt in height considering at 2 months he was only in the 10% and is now in the 65th percentile. This has been the fattest month for all my babies, having spent the last 6 months building up their fat stores while being completely immobile. Ezra is the chubbiest of the three, though only a few ounces bigger than Keaton was at 6 months {and to be fair he’s also a full inch taller}. Rowan never broke the 10th percent for anything but was still at her own personal chubbiest at this age. It’ll be fun to see if Ezra planes out like his brother and sister did, both of whom were only around 20 pounds at one year and stayed that way for what seemed like EVER. In the meantime, this has resulted in much nomming of Big Fat Baby tummy and thighs and cheeks and oh just about any part of him I can get a hold of. It’s the best.


Loves: His favorite toys are his LaMaze Dragonfly, Pirate Piggens, Taggie Elephant and any loud rattle you shake at him.  He likes the bjorn but only if Bill is wearing him. He’ll tolerate the Ergo but only for short periods, which I hope will change because it’s my carrier of choice~ I am really hoping he’ll warm up to it so we can hit the trails this summer.

Honestly? I know he loves me {or my hooters, whatever} but this boy is all about daddy and his big brother and sister and ferchristssake even Fawkes and Luna. His big eyes follow his dad and siblings as they go about their evening business and he loves Saturday mornings when he gets to spend extra time with dad {Mama’s sleeping in. Don’t judge.}. During feedings the dog and the cat settle in, with Fawkes on the bed near the rocking chair and Luna at my feet. Every so often Ezra will break away from me, flail about in my arms until he has a good view of an animal and give them a sweet, toothless grin, which is sometimes rewarded with a wet puppy kiss.

Ezra, you watch everything, you take it all in. I can see you inching further and further away, even while you are seated right there on my lap, pulling yourself toward the activity and watching, delighted, with a curious gaze. You are so ready to jump in and be a part of all of us, all of this, all of the action, and all I can do is gently gather you in to me, placing my cheek on your blonde fluff and say, soon, Sir. You’ll be a part of it all before we know it but for now you’re stuck snuggled in my arms. Right where I want you.



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After a crazy month of sequining, stoning, and {OMG} so much sewing, I sort of forgot that I was in charge of feeding my baby something other than milk. Oops. While pregnant I decided that as long as I was cloth diapering, exclusively breastfeeding and learning to work impossibly aggravating baby wraps, that I might as well just go ahead and sell my entire soul to the Evil Hippie Overlords and make my own baby food. I had book-marked a bunch of baby food sites but never really dug in because having a baby who was ready to eat solids felt an eon away at the time. Then one day I was eating yogurt and saw Ezra’s eyes follow each bite I took, then he started reaching for the spoon, open-mouthed and drooling and oh, silly baby- you can’t have real-people food! You have months…hmm…weeks…uh… Then I checked the calendar and realized the child was five and a half months old and MORE than ready to make his first foray into the smooshy stuff. I’m sorry your mom’s so dumb, baby.

I spent an afternoon perusing the saved baby food sites, wary that I would have to run out and purchase expensive food processors and/or baby food makers and all the accessories necessary but I ended up on a great site that explained that smooshy bananas? Are just smooshed up bananas, you idiot. Add some breastmilk to thin those suckers out and you’re good to go. Got an ice-cube tray? Put leftovers in there and pull out when needed. DONE. They suggested we start with bananas and avocados and from there we can get more adventurous. Obviously once he moves on to veggies and other fruits we’ll have to break out the steamer and I might have to learn to turn the oven on at some point {What?!} but they recommended we skip the expensive baby food makers and just go with a cheap mini food processor, making this whole thing seem a lot more doable. I mean, for real? I don’t even make my OWN food. That’s why I keep Bill around. I think I can do this though, so baby {food} steps, and all that.

4.18.11 4.18.12 4.18.13

For his first feeding I gave him rice cereal which he ate but sort of begrudgingly, like, “look, woman, I can see you have the camera out and I’m supposed to perform here so I will, but just so you know, this shit’s kinda gross”. Then I made the bananas and WOW. He ate them right up, guiding the spoon into his own mouth when I’d get distracted. After a few days he rejected rice cereal all-together, he didn’t get upset I was offering it, he just wouldn’t open his mouth for the spoon after the first bite, and if I did manage to trick him he’d just lazily let it dribble out of his mouth and down his chin. The next food item on the list was avocado so in preparation I had mashed up two, thinned them with breastmilk and filled almost a whole ice-cube tray. I was Baby Food Making Queen of Awesomeness. Avocado is a Super Food. And just a really super food, I mean come on, guacamole is god’s gift to us lowly humans, people.

So, here’s what Ezra thought {apologies for the crappy cell phone pictures, it just so happened to be laying next to me so I caught the moment with it, it’s not like I had a shiny, new-to-me Canon 7D lying around anywhere, ohshitwellANYWAY, here are my blurry pictures}  …

OK, Lady! Bring on that smooshy banana!

OK, Lady! Bring on that smooshy banana!

What. Is. This. Green. Shit.?

Um, this is NOT banana.

What. Is. This. Green. Shit?


Fine. Maybe I judged prematurely. I'll try it again and maybe this time it will be bananas...

Fine. I could have judged prematurely. I’ll try it again and maybe this time it will be bananas…

Nope! Still terrible!

Nope! Still not bananas! Still terrible!

What are you trying to do to me, Lady? Was I bad? Why would you put that on a spoon and try to put it anywhere near my mouth?!

What are you trying to do to me, Lady? Was I bad? Why would you put that on a spoon and try to put it anywhere near my mouth?!

I don't understand! Get it away from me JUSTGETITAWAY. I don't even want to look at you right now.

I don’t understand! Get it away from me, JUSTGETITAWAY. I don’t even want to look at you right now.

ohmygod WHY IS THAT CRAP STILL HERE? DId you not here me? Was I not clear? Cause I can be super clear...

Ohmygod WHY IS THAT CRAP STILL HERE? Did you not hear me? Was I not clear? Cause I can be super clear…

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhvvvacccaaaddooossss are...

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhvvvacccaaaddooossss are…



So now I have a freezer full of avocado… if anyone wants to come over, bring the chips! I’ve made delicious guacamole and the secret ingredient will only completely gross you out a little.

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